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I Told Y'All


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Petey Pablo...
Mmm Hmm...

I told y'all (told y'all)
It was gunna happen, Y'all wouldn't listen to me (I told y'all)
Now you see it poppin off, got you in the club dancing your ass off (I told y'all)
Break it down...Break it down for me (for me) (I told y'all)
Break it down...Break it down...Break it down for me (for me)
(I told y'all) Break it down for me (for me)

If y'all ready get your lighter put your fire in the air
i'm bout to blow this up (Oh yeah!)
Its a....It's a on now
Petey Pab done and graduated
Broke a loose, Shook em' off (Ha!)
Twisted the game
(chooga-chooga-chooga-choog) train comin'
(Full speed!) Aint nuthin stopin this muthafucker
Puttin it down....(ti-ti-ti-train) for my home town
(My niggas keep picking me up) I got em' rockin at the show
All y'all muthafuckers stompin on the floor (Boom! Boom!)
Losing control (Eyes closed)
Hands up (bobbin the dome)
And you can call it what ya wanna if ya wanna
But you better keep your eyes on it
I'd a told ya over and over
I dont feel like talking no more
It's about to go down (Yea like i told ya!)


Move ova here come them diesels
(Fuled Up!) Jesus (Muuuahh!)
Clear the road, block it off, hold it back, make a path for 'em
(I'm a creeper!) Carolina's street sweeper
My brothers keeper, you better believe I'm
Good as a bag of Afghanastan reefa
I can't fuck with me and y'all can't either
To hear me rock you need bulletproof speakers
(My Impact!) It'll Kill 79 people (Ha!)
The levels start jumping on the meter
Then...(The sparks) start shootin out the speaker
The DJ ju just can't catch the needle
The club's caught the fever for the flavor of the Petey


When they ask me were i'm from I say Greenville and Raleigh,
Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Charlotte!
Fayetteville, Rocky Mount, and Tarboro!
Pine Top, Lil Washington Farmville
New Bern, Kinston, Snow Hill, Falkland!
Please don't get me started
I can call 'em out til tomorrow
Carolina list alone is 16 bars
I'm a make a row call, calling out, all out
(Timbaland! please report to the office)
You can't miss kickoff, Watching these niggas get there shit off
Sending a adrenaline rush through the whole park
Dusk to dawn, from club to the barn
From port to port (Nigga!) from yard to yard
I'd a brought from the far beyond
Stated claim, Gutta name, Got it painted and framed!
(Mutherfucker I told y'all!)

[Chorus til end]

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