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Get At Me

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[Man talking]
I saw him, I saw him
There he is right over there, over there(I see him)
Okay...I got a message for you infamous
You tell that son-of-a-bitch he's made a big mistake
And you tell him personally...from me!
And stay outta here!

Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about...
Real loaded, in the flesh
And we know where we aimin
Check me out...

Yo, you'se a baby boy rapper, breast-fed nigga
I'm a quiet murderer, in front the feds type nigga
Do my dirt quicker from my early days swifter
With the gat, I'm like '? paintin that picture
Listen to the words, take it as a jewel
If I'm fuckin your 'burb, just maintain cool
Cause I won't take a el, whether in your crib or the outside world
Cause the pound clap well, like fan mail
Choose to ignore me, the warning that I gave 'em
Get at me, you and what army?
The fashion-ass niggas you hang with, have a plate of graveshift
Man down, nigga it's the same shit
Niggas like kids and I don't play with 'em
Go get your father, nigga, the smart decision
And I'm picking niggas off with the sharp precision (pow)
Niggas need to see the wis' because they heart is missin

[Havoc (Prodigy)]
(Get at me)
Niggas wanna clap me
Snitches wanna rap me
Put it right where they back be
(Get at me)
Niggas wanna clap me
Snitches wanna rap me
Put it right where they back be
(Get at me)
Niggas wanna clap me
Snitches wanna rap me
Put it right where they back be
(Get at me)
Niggas wanna clap me
Snitches wanna rap me
Put it right where they back be

Yeah, nigga what's beef?
Shotties and macks, little two-shots
Four pounds and techs, arms and chest
Bag your strength, nigga them bombs and fists
Knives and forks, ain't no time to think, it's on
Just move on them niggas with excessive force
And don't stop 'til them niggas don't move no more
Broken hands, nuckles and gun handles
Dunn got his gunshot wounds through his mantle
Informers tell when snitches snitch,
Fuck them, buck more shots, get out that bitch
Cribs is found, careful when the kids is out
Torch your house, stalk your kin, bitches and friends
It get deeper than deep, dirty and foul
Fuck liquor, for my nigga, we gon' pour some blood out
It's fucked up how it goes down, innocent people blown down
My niggas is here, brace yourself


[Man talking]
Now we all get to know what it's like...
when some asshole's gonna step out of the dark
and blow your head off...
I want you to know what it's like to live that way

First of all, we the one and only...infamous
(It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it)
First of all, we the one and only...
'Til the name wear out

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