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Without a doubt, you gonna hear that thing clap
Dog I take shit to heart cause I was born like that
I only got my word as a man when I give
When I say I'm going at you it's a given when I spit it
So niggas talk out the ass amongst those who live it
So niggas get money bounce from the hood you shitted
So bitches fuck niggas, they man best dog
Over that now you got some nigga leaking on the floor
You gotta watch those broads
To die over that is totally against the grain and against street laws
I respect paper and every minute thats spent gettin that shit
So my little dunn could be set
And what I feal about a nigga thats trying to pose threats
Never write it out if you can't cash that check
Dog I know about death you ain't sayin nuttin slick
Empty out on that fool cliq cliq, cliq cliq

[Havoc: Hook x2]
So keep movin, You better keep walkin
The nine will have them crawlin, crawlin
Clinger for life

Nigga how you want it nigga, cause you about to get served
Matter of fact nigga, you about to get your shit burned
Punk motherfucker, female ass nigga
The homo rapper, H to the you know
Come on man I ain't gotta spell it out for you
You know how to tell time you know my gun boil
I set it off on your bitch ass, dont forget that
And your retaliation was weak, baby pictures
Dunn I'll take you out in the street and spank you bitch
Ain't no point going at "P" you run into bricks
How you not gonna show face after that stunt
At rap's only awards and you ain't show up
You scared and you butt, you are now being crushed
By these black Mobb gangstas you niggas is done
I suggest that you pack up and take it to go
Cause everything is not cool and you niggas should know

[Havoc: Hook]
So keep movin, You better keep walkin
The nine will have them crawlin, crawlin
Clinger for life

How it feel when that steel hit the grill huh
For real, for real shit be that real son
The grimy endulge in nothing but gangsterness
That ice is lookin major on your wrist
Is you ready to die like a man for it
Or pass it right over, fall back and get extorted
Like a camcorder every move is recorded
Keep them hands so I see them
Every thaught I can read it

Ya'll some hoe ass niggas, I'll slap days out you
You was raised off our shit we made rappers
Bitch ass nigga
I'll buck the fuck out that nigga
And peel that fruit, kill that fool
Eighty Eight is you crazy
Thats when I was fuckin Sophie and you was pumpin for poison
My nigga Killa Dang woulda spit in your face
Illa G been told me about that ? boy Jay

[Havoc: Hook x2]
So keep movin, You better keep walkin
The nine will have them crawlin, crawlin
Clinger for life

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