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My First (Remix)

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[6 Piece]
Girl I want to hold you close tonight
Let you know that everything's alright
Its just the way you look at me
Its just the way that you care

[chorus: 6 Piece]
You're my first (my first)
You're my last (my last)
I'm gonna love you forever
My first (my first)
My last (my last)
I'm gonna leave you oh never

[Lil' Romeo]
Ever since I saw you
I knew that I'd be there for you
Call you
We could even go to the mall too
Shop till you drop
Stop get an ice pop
Take pictures if you'd like
Or we could just car hop
Walk in the park
Talk when its dark
Let you know that I can't wait for the next day to start
Holding your hand
Sweet like youngs they will never figure it out
They just don't understand
Listen close to what I say baby girl
I got plans
You only live once keep it real take a chance
When you're older I'd probably would give you a ring
You're my first my last my everything


[6 Piece]
Girl I think of you both night and day
Wonder if you're safe if you're okay
Its just the way that you move me
Girl you'll never lose me
I'll be there for you because


[6 Piece]
No matter how high
No matter how low
I'm gonna be there for you babe
Wherever you are that's where I'll go
That's where I wanna be you and me

[Lil' Romeo]
I love your smile
Every minutes been worth my while
Perfume, lipstick I like your style
Hit up the movies
We share all kinds of goodies
Popcorn, candy, hot dogs, cookies
Head for the pond
Shorty was the bomb
I was stu stuck with her hands in my arms
We danced all night locked arms in every song
Did the Romeo hen my joint came on
Last dance, last chance
For me to make my move for my woman, better do it fast
I can't I'm too scared she might laugh
Memories of the first kiss I ever had

[(Chorus) 3x]

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