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Girl On TV

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Oooh,Yeahhhh,I'm wishin' on a fallin' star,
wonderin' where you are....I wish...


I wish for you on a fallin' star,wonderin'
where you are,do I ever cross your mind,In
the warm sunshine,she's from the city of angels,like
Betty Davis,James Dean,and Gable,never know
what she means to me.I fell for the girl that's on TV.

[Verse 1]

Met her at a counter affair,she wore a green dress,and
everybody was there,felt out of place till she looked
into my eyes.Shook your hand around 9 P.M. about
never gonna be the same again.Never had to
be on a movie screen to be the leading lady
in all my dreams...
Shooby-doo-wop,and scobby snacks,met a fly girl
and i can't relax,the only problem is she's
a movie star,Oh,my friends,they won't believe me,if
they could only see me,at the risk of sounding
cheesy,i think i fell for the girl on TV.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]

Everybody knows her name,Wanna take a picture and
their glad she came,But I just want to be there when
she's down,down(Be there when she's down)
I don't want her autograph,I just want to call her up
and make her laugh,Never had to be on a movie
screen,To be the leading lady in all my dreams.
Shooby doo-wap & scooby snacks,
I Met a fly girl and I can't relax
The only problem is she's a movie star,
Oh,My friends they won't believe me
If they could only see me,At the risk of sounding
cheezy,I think I fell for the girl on TV.

[Repeat Chorus]


I'm wishin' on a star....and wonderin' where you are
Do i cross your mind''In the warm sunshine''?

[Rich's Rap]

Yeah,So I wish for you on a bright shining star,
Every where I look there you are,There you are
It's the girl in the green dress,
She took my breath away,And now I look to the sky,
For a better day,To the beach shore and scooby snacks,
I met a fly girl and I can't relax,
Never had to be on a movie screen
Cause she's the leading lady in all my dreams,I wish

[Repeat Chorus]

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