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Day In Day Out

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Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

Day-In Oo Oo
Day-Out Oo Oo Oo

She was born in a handbag
love left on a doorstep
What she lacks is a backup
nothing seems to make a dent
Gonna find her some money hone
try to pay her rent
That's the kind of protection everyone is shouting about

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out
Day-In Oo Oo
Day-Out Oo Oo Oo

First thing she learns is she's a citizen,
some things they turn out right
When you're under the US
someone rings a bell and it's all over
She's going out her way
stealing for that one good rush

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out
Day In Oo oo
Day Out Oo oo

She could use a little money
she's hangin' on his arms like a cheap suit
she's got no money, honey
she's on the other side
Oh come on little baby
late night, big town, police, shake down

Oo Oo
Oo Oo

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

Oo Oo
Oo Oo

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

She's got a ticket to nowhere
she's gonna take a train ride
Nobody knows her, or knows her name
she's in the pocket of a home boy
Oh she's gonna take her a shotgun Pow
spin the grail spin the drug
She's gonna make them well aware
she's an angry gal

Day-In Day-Out
Stay-In Fade-Out

There is angels everywhere
Certainty shoting her down
Shootin her with video-drugs-bullets and
Angels in a ton of sound

And there's
Day In
Day Out
You stay in
Or ya
You fade out
Fade out
You fade out
Fading out
Fade out
Fade out

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