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Some people never recognise it
Though it's right before their eyes
And shines in all its glory
They never ever see
They choose something that looks just like it
And it may glitter all the time
But gold it will never be
I guess you never held on to quality
Or you woulda recognised by now
Something so special so true
When it's standing right in front of you

I'm gold babe
Catch me in the slipstream
Passing by the fools who just don't know
Pure gold babe
You're looking at the real thing
If you knew my worth you wouldn't let go [x2]

Oh no!

Gold lies in rivers undiscovered
Hidden from the sight of those
Who don't know what to look for
(They ain't never gonna find it)
Sometimes the value is uncovered
Other times it's cast aside
By those who are just unsure

I guess you never held on to quality
Or you would of recognised by now
Something so special so true
When she's standing right in front of you


All the things you failed to see
Separated you from me
I decide who wins my time
And who comes inside yeah
Cause what is true and what is real
Finds a way of being revealed
I don't have to even try
Cause I'm certifiedĦ-pureĦ-

[Chorus (x2)]

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