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Nothing In The World

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It's been so long I can't remember when
We didn't care how deep it was we dived right in
Watching everything around us disappear
Oh I've missed you here

And it seems the little things get in the way
We're so caught up in routine from day to day
Sometimes it feels like we're not anchored anywhere
Oh I've missed you yeah

So tell me there's nothing in the world
That could ever come between us
Show me your not afraid tonight
Baby make me believe
That there's nothing in the world
That could ever steal the moment from right here and now ...
Nothing, nothing, in the world

Two shadows falling back together now
Baby we've spent too much time just hiding out
And there's nowhere that I'd rather be than here
Cos I've missed you yeah


Nothing in the world (in the world)
There's nothing in the world

[Chorus (X3)]

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