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The purpose of this website is to provide tools and tips to help you write that first HIT song ..... welcome to Easy-Song-Writing .com

Do you love music? 

Would you like to write your own songs and hear them playing on the radio?

We want to share songwriting secrets with you that could set your musical career on a new path. 

Expert songwriters share techniques and ideas that have been used with great success to write some of the most popular songs in the world.


Easy-song-writing.com provides the key to successful songwriting.

Songwriting tips
These must-read articles will give you the theoretical knowledge to achieve your songwriting goal.

  • Beginners can learn the very basics of writing a song.
  • Read these 21 tips to avoid the pitfalls that could stop your song from reaching the top 10.
  • This is how one songwriter writes his songs
  • The most important aspect of a HIT song is the melody. It can make or break your song. Do you know how to write a catchy melody?
  • Is your song ready to be recorded? Check it against this checklist.
  • You've written a song, now what? Do you forget about it or take the next step and have it recorded by a professional artist?
  • Do you plan to participate in an IDOLS competition? These tips will make you stand out from the rest! 

Click here for MORE tips and articles.

Do you admire people that can walk onto stage and mesmerize an audience with their beautiful songs?

Easy Songwriter puts songwriting power in your hands and teaches you step-by-step to write your own songs.

Demo CD Wizard Released!
Good news if you're in need of a Demo CD to promote your music. 

The new version of Easy Songwriter includes a wizard that creates your CD and website in no time at all. 

It has full multimedia capabilities and generates a website with your songs, photographs, background- and contact information. Send the CD to a publisher and when inserted into a computer, your website automatically pops up! 

They can read about you, listen to your songs, look at some photographs and contact you by phone or email to strike a deal. 

Even if you're not a songwriter, you can use this excellent tool to kickstart your musical career! 

Click here to view a demo CD that was created for "Santa Clause" :-) 
Click here
for more information about the Demo CD Wizard.

Song writing contest

Feeling creative?

You are invited to participate in our monthly radio commercial competition where you can win a free fully licensed copy of Easy Songwriter. 

A new winner is chosen every month. 
We provide you with the background music and you write the melody and lyrics. Are you up for a challenge?

More info here



What if you could turn your computer into a complete practicing machine?

What if you could pull a real-sounding band out your "back pocket?" (...so to speak).

Sounds crazy but with the power of technology, my friends over at Hearandplay are going to show you how to finally make practicing fun, productive, and effective.

To see their video presentation, CLICK HERE NOW!

(I only wish I had tools like this when I was coming up!)

They call it "Back Pocket Band" because it literally puts a band at your fingertips.

For a full video demonstration, CLICK HERE NOW!

Here's what it does:
  • It gives you access to over 350 real-sounding backing tracks.
  • Practice and live performance files are played in all 12 keys.
  • You can choose between multiple speeds: slow, medium, and fast.
  • 3 different sections, 9 styles of music, & drums-only option (...they also give you lifetime updates and they're already working on jazz, blues, and funk backing tracks to release very soon).
  • Instant streaming playback and automatic downloading to your system for burning to cd, transfer to ipod, and editing.
  • And much more...

To see their video presentation, CLICK HERE NOW!

For a limited time, they're making you an unbeatable deal on everything.

Once you get your hands on this, you'll see why so many are excited about it.

To see their video presentation, CLICK HERE NOW!

Submit an article
If you would like to contribute to this website, you are welcome to email your articles, tips and advice to support.

Remember, we can only publish articles that are helpful to the songwriting community.

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